Beautiful Buildings Club

Ronald the building 3

Episode 10:
Today Ronald the building reveals finally that he is a beautiful building! The situation is critical as he finally decides to use his beauty and the influence of his shiny infrastructure to overtake the cardboard monopole... passion and drama!


George W the building

Episode 9:
George W the building plans to become a beautiful building and strike down Bauhaus with his shiny disco balls.
He unveils his ideology with much passion but doesn*t miss out to signal the ugliness of his peers. Passion and drama unfold as he declares war to the pink curtain wall...
Will he succeed this time? What about Laura the building? Where is she? Who cares?


Ronald the building 2

Episode 8:
Ronald the building meets up with a skyscraper. Bob the building tries desperately to get noticed. Will he succeed?
Tension develops later on as Ronald the building gets an anonymous call to destabilize his shiny infrastructure!


Ronald the building

Episode 7:
Ronald the building on his way to become supreme beautiful building. Passion and suspense unfold when the question of his asbestos is asked. He succeeds in getting voted beautiful building and gives a statement on his beautiful infrastructure. Will Nancy the building agree? Questions over questions... and sexy results!

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Richard the building

Episode 6:
Richard the building is celebrating his beauty in a moment of intense extatic joy with his friend Pahlavi the building, a structure merging traditional elements with modern designs.
Drama later on as the idealism of Richard the building*s infrastructure takes over, and nearly costs him the loss of his dinner. Sexy results.


The Club

Jimmy the building is finally meeting up with some beautiful buildings. Ronald the building is trying to persuade his peers to take a bold step towards the future of urbanism and infrastructure. Drama and passion once again as Jimmy the building unveils his asbestos to the rest of the group...

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Gerald the building

Gerald the building is being appreciated for his lack of decoration and his advanced infrastructure. Drama and passion later on as he discovers that he has a ticket with Donald the building...


George the building 3

George the building gets into a quarrel with Colin, a minimalist structure with camouflage windows. Will there ever be peace in the Beautiful Buildings Club?
And what about Barbara, who got her concrete balconies redone with less ornamentation?


Jimmy the building

Episode 2:
Jimmy the building tries to find a way to become a beautiful building and finally join the club.


George the building 2

Episode 1:
George the building tries to order a new curtain wall and unfortunately ends up talking to the wrong person...
Suspense and drama once again.


George the building

Episode 0:
George the building tries to convince various friends to do various things to become beautiful buildings. Barbara is worried about their future.
Passion and drama.


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